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FJMC/SGRH Lahore (Govt.) Jobs

Nawa-i-Waqt   19-Apr-2012 (Thursday)  in  Nawa-i-Waqt
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  • Network Coordinator
  • Assistant Network Coordinator
  • Computer Operator
  • Tube-Well Operator
  • Stenographer
  • Projectionist
  • Chowkidar
  • Sweeper
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  • FJMC/SGRH Lahore
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  • Network Coordinator
  • Assistant Network Coordinator
  • Computer Operator
  • Tube-Well Operator
  • Stenographer
  • Projectionist
  • Chowkidar
  • Sweeper

01. Network
02. Aalat,int
(ØS.I t)
Corn pu 1er
(BS-l 1)
06. Projec(ionlat
(135-l t)
07 Chowkådar
08. Sweeper
t). ICS. FA. VSc. l.Com + Ccrtiflcsic in
MCSE (Mieroeofl ayatcrn Ongincering
il). Sêven year. relavent experience of
modification. maintenance and rcpa.r
of IT hardware/software and IAN
Network, and
III) Expert on VOl l.SRSVIJ
v) Awareness of IP SChC,TWS ¡md xui,net
y) Network expert In LAN. WAN.
vi) TopoIoy deslg,t.
vil) Installation of Urns I Solar,s ê
Window.. MS Omcer.
vil) Cable Configuration.
I) Metric + OCHIDIT. Çcrtlflcatc in
MCS Fivo years Hand on Work
F.xporionce. and ahould he expert in.
Il) Managing of Rack & Network Switch
& Patch panels.
lii) Mango Sun.ray thin clicnt.
Iv) F.spcrience on VOI*SRS-4.VU.
y) Awareness of IP Sch,nos and auhnet
vi) Network expert in I..AN. WAN.
vii) Cable Configuration.
viii) T.rminalion of cable*ItJ Connector
is) Trohle xhuiing ot .wtwo.k w.ih
Fube Meter.
a) Installation of UNIX
Solaris+Windows. MS 0111cc
si) Mail Services.
t) LC.S or an equivalent qualiticalion
30 from u recognized Board.
I year, il) three years exporionee it tite fold
of computcr wt,rk.
iii) Higher qualification holder
will be prcfcrrcd.
01 18 to t) Matnc from a rccogniš.cd
30 Board.
years li) Two years oxpcrivnt.u in the
rcicvant livid.
iii) Higher quatitieniion holder
will ho prcfcrrcd.
t). Inicrotedinte from a rvvêtMnized
Beard and
¡I). A speed of KO WPM in shorthand
and 35 W1M in typo writing.
lii). Preference shall be given I.. the
computer literate person.
it). Typing and Short I land spvcd
text will be held before
I). P.S,c. from a recognized hourd and
Ii) 2 - year. experience in the field of
handling Audio Visual equipments
iii) Higher tcch. qualiricaliomi holder
will be preferred.
OS. Stenographer
(ItS- I 2)
fI 18 to Middle froi Ciovcrnrncnt
30 recognizcd school.
02 ¡8 to I) Primary school ccrtiflcnlc (rein a
30 recognized school.
years ii) Only Non-Mu.Iimsipcrxonx who
belong to MlnoritiS will be

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