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Pakistan Air Force (Govt Jobs) Offers Permanent Commission

Express   11-Mar-2012 (Sunday)  in  Express
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  • Permanent Commission (135 GD-P Course, 16 Admin & Special Duties Course, 81 Aeronautical Engineering Course, 18 Air Defence Course, A&SD-Civil Engineering Course)
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  • Permanent Commission (135 GD-P Course, 16 Admin & Special Duties Course, 81 Aeronautical Engineering Course, 18 Air Defence Course, A&SD-Civil Engineering Course)
  • Permanent Commission

TRAINING PERIOD . 04 yeats caine (2 yeas as avahan cadel
yes. as PilaI OScar r respective rISIIUbOna( leading to the awerd of BS
siAviatian Sciences and Maagenierd front Air tkiiversay Islamabad
at at 60% natta bi aggregate r wry of the frç;•
TRAiNING PERIOD: 04 years (02 years course as aviaban cadet aiu
yearn as oScar bi respectrve bsttillons) lealkig lo the award of
ArtiSan Sciences aid Msiagernefl tram At Ureveisity blanabsi
EDUCATIONAL GUAI. W)CATJONS : A caididaln must have panas”
nietimum 60% mats in aggregate r wry otite fobena
+ F.Sc (PreEngg1PreMedicifCan1puts Science)
- A level eel Physics nid Mrs or Bmtgy
+ ESc wit Physn aid any Iwo wbtecb Le.’
Statistics, Coripier Soerce arid Bwcåxv
espective rasfutCie) leading lo trie
Management traen Air Universily IsIaniaaS
maris in agegate bi any of lie lolbeang -
+ F Sc (*EreMbtompdei
+ A lewet At Physics att Maths or Biology
- FSc slit Ptrpa aid arty .__ s*’
+ HqNy onnpelltve salary partage + Free treta Vealnieni b “
e- Free accommodation servait aid 50% canceswona tas by Yni. t A.
. ‘rr1bersbp cf Ar Force OScars Housing Scherre (AFOI4S)
lung aid posting an dilerrenl ce-- “ °*atan arr4 trot’
—-—---—— —-- - n__a- . —
, WW. .... .-., .iedlcat College
BAHAWALPUR: 10-A Estension Scheme Satellite Town
FAISALABAD: Main Jiang Road Near Airport ChoisIr
HYDERABAD: 49-Sslahuddln Road CenIt
KARACHI: Main Slralsrah-e-Faisal (Near PAF Bese Faisal)
•.AHORE: T-II (Old) Lulphansa nasa Lodhi Camp PAF Bese Labore Cana
+ [je.i& ., .il ¿ZAI ntui;iia&o,n ¿ .eeoicr -enas
‘fr Intelligence Tav, fcdosed by Academic Test r the fo&’wing sttjects through
IGenara [Ailles Pilot
[ssDelerice EnginšPhysts
IMronautal Engineer Enatr, Ptiysa & Matte
1450 Civil Engnea Garata Proiciency Test
+ Presrnrtary Metal Erranwnte,n arrt Interview at al PAF brbnnal,cr & Selection Celtes
+ Short4sfl by Air Headquatars (Only chan-lisiad candidates would be detated or 1556
+ Teeis4r*arvew by 1558 Kohat I Gqrarnwaia / Mar I Qieda
+ FInal medical exan-inslron by CMB at Karachi
+ Flyeng Aptitude Test (FAT) oIGO (P) cardCaes
+ Final seteclion by M headquarters morder of irait
Twice rqecled by biler Sentes Sasi.aij iioa.i L, ar.:a Headqisalets ¡GiiOj or Hava
Itealnuaners INHGI a AliO šelecthn Rond liad dista loi snack hola ouatlcann enursee
2. Tace weened out by ISSB/any Senice Seblcn Goad
3 Once re$ted by 55G and once ‘qeded by any Service Selection Board 11558 aid Sernce
Selection Boards wi be conadered at pnbetgirwr*y ptzpose). Absentee frown ary Service
Selecttn Board all be treated as retecled
4 Tace reecled by ISS8 or wry Service Seledtca, Bond b speak higher qinficalbrn courses
S If declared pama-ierrly unit by Armed Forces Apoed Medical Board (AFAMB) for conwtrisennurg n
PAFdAwrnyrNa’vy (Carddaee dedared ur* by AFAMSCMBCIvSI will in, instigUe raitll they are
dedared f4 by AFAMB
7. If wrtltaenrejecled ¡cari any Sente Tras’ieig Inebh,atmn for the reasons of
nuta5uelrntitraarr orotaidsànedical unfinessvesnnaorrioiaarase or reten r airaren
guaMas. However. candidates with&arin Sae to poor pedonmanoe bi ndauilce or ladi of lying
aplirade are elÇibIe lo apply lar bradies other Iban the they were silbarawai front
ê Ifwnvictedbyacoutldtawfoaiyatlena.
9 If their angina academic cerutates are found tenwered At.
10. If ley have ccmceaed wry inkrrnaion or here provided rcorrecl informaron a me brie of 111mg in
fiel apç*cmon brnsir4arvsw
II Thrice screened oritby Arrnyfiiavy/Ae Force in any preinnnary teste stats lingble
Pli: O6i-9201113
Pli: 0459-234397 n
Pli: 091-9210*29
Pli: 0*1-9201753 à
Pli: 061-5701143
Pli: 071-9310409
: 12 to 17 MARCH, 2012 (from 0800 to 1400 hrs)

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