Higher Education Commission Pakistan Jobs Opportunities

25-Dec-2011 (Sunday)  in  Express  
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  • Programme Coordinator
  • Procurement Specialists
  • Financial Management Specialist
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Specialists
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  • Jobs in Islamabad
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Higher Education Commission Pakistan Jobs Opportunities
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  • Higher Education Commission Pakistan
  • HEC Pakistan
  • Public Sector
  • Government Jobs
  • Programme Coordinator
  • Procurement Specialists
  • Financial Management Specialist
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Specialists
Higher Education Commission____ Sector H. naba& Piklstan . aww hecgos.pê
Tertiary Education Support Project (P118779)
Request for Expression of Interest
for Selection of Individuals
The Ge.enwwril cl Idemic Rapitic 01 Pakinlan mp.amiibed by lii. Hiøn Ficalen
Ceevmeaen (MAC) llbs recamad creel NO IDA Fniorç 4888 488T-Pl%K) from ile
blIwnaboad Qw.elcp.enl As.00atwre toward. liw ca” al wsmy EdLication Support Pread
avid lnle. lo apply I of i. Furd to oever eI.g114 p.ymamts k. hinrç w.ic.. of viuclrad
rõiualnmowloui sp.rsclized ar.ædil. Pvct
Th. NEC rtoe awnwa tjble vidloduae lo rdc.le thee In(IirWt a. pqndfl the nere..
bfloreV.C 000euttents m.iit proviab.ithtaded Cv, widnÇ th bey we quallari lo palkam tie
PowÑon (.iutcdLboo xprrenç•
11 poebonl
Prelerably . PhD
from an NEC
recourntsd Lksyswty
l2yeur, ufpogrwaaive e.pen.ric. al weor
level in derlg a”. de nlopme.1 of iraaubova
of Hitier L.arna.q Experienc, in manaQrv.
large Loweign funded development IWOiGCIS
wapecetly in Edecetion Seclor would bV an
arElud advanlago Exporlonc. In laolllabng
prol,eeoaat and ,*aW worlung og.liier a.
accowØican I rcupdb Eig,arlu,ca id
espinEla in inning, producing. and p’eeenleg
hI’I quality rematch and analytics’ reixytm.
and pro(ect derverabtem Strong .50.65. atsl
euterlolce f b rsoelu l senior lqral poy
makals. employees pnrww Insiflihons *11191
donor agencies and resource p.rsons.
Proficiency in uslog lrltomwhon technology
ta mli be teqed.
12 poeillon.I
Ma.lers Degree (at
least rolveöon)
from an NEC
moagnized tftrrlrbflyj
lrint8jL peeferiibly
in Gusinass
Eoonovnca, Finance
and Commerce
Management expenence al 8 years with al
leaSt van yearn of wcwlung oil proconements
preferIy tinder the World Bank peqeds wWl
epeclilo .xpoaure lo pr c.retnarit Of 000db.
IT ê Conaultani Services Srtouðd pomeess
strong cornmun.catton skills an
persusemattees a. prelanbng, negotiating and
reeoêng highly oomex lexues both oraly
and et eniteig Prolloency in EngIpali and b.ec
IT sk4s atil be niatidelory The incumben
ShOUld have .stare.v. knowledge of Pubac
Procu’an.enl Regulatory Authority (PPRAI
nies ami mgrakbora. letest trends for edhaenl
and effective procurement of goods end
services, both international and toc-a.
Knsiwtedpp ebaut World Bank procurerninil
gt$deIlnea wowed be en added advanlag.
l POsinofli
Mentors Degree (at
least r Dr.eeon in
FInance. Accounting.
Correriatci ow AA1
FCILIA or CA frown
an HC n.cognizad
Ursvwefry fi bISbIJIG
9ici.st poeacas S yxens & pmct e50enel
en ptêc financial nianagalnent ennronrn.nt
on incependent 11.911cr level se..gnmente
Prolloencyln Financial R.lorms Progranwnem
still be an added advantage Proficiency in
using information b.cflrlology 10011 will be
Monitoring &
j2 poe.lfrneJ
Masters degree
al benI 2’ Diva...,)
Iront an MEC
r,.,., ...ed Unrapwyl
Management experience cl ßy. with at
nest lwvu ynarm uf wurkin on MAE of
international donor funded development or
ed&alorial pqec* Prefworico would be plntn
ta stein, who h*v sound bnowt.dg. of MW
prjOfe of World Bunk. Th noJnloQnl ahowid
have •xp.rlenc. et MAE methods arid
appioach.i. planning, design and
ii M3L sysmen, d
analyse and ruporting. Proficiency n ulirg
informaban hechnoegy look a” be ‘spurted
I i..k.ie .i Us a” ., .vssinhes. .ilÿw3almea.uiLetb.t r.. Ivik
2. AlwlcaSs WI r.rd lo entay ana.. lrough NEC l.. fiapilkeeMac ppxpk’Pageu TESP
en sali asna” harð ienong*ml.dpl.al scllaLinialeti. Last
stink. iubmtiacno(epØcaICnle Janentry 23. 2t12
OIlier Destile
. EqSheno.riwatse.pwinmag.eied edquhai.
. rIo YPrIDA ii be ioweale b appearIng in mervew. NEC ..wveaTl. nge he ‘esctaror
al teewøçaueni lVlotA inq’a1gW1ysdi.
• Du’.atod 10ff xl the pass lay be accessed at rfilec.pevstltPapew7Esp tsrxa
. Po,talMdr.ee: lIØler€IocelunCCenw..o.(HECk $ecscrit-ê. bwbed.