Junior Engineer Electrical Required at U.S. Consulate

29-Jul-2012 (Sunday)  in  Jang  
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Junior Engineer Electrical Required at U.S. Consulate
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U. S. Consulate General ¡n Karachi ¡s seeking competent
individuals to staff the positions of Junior Fngineer
(Electrical) by offering an attractive salary package and
other benefits.
Completion often years ofeducation along with three years
Associate Diploma in Electrical Technology is required
Three years of experience as a junior electrical engineer is
required Must have good working knowledge about
building electrical control systems, dcvice and control
wiring required. Knowledge of building electrical
automated systems and direct digital control technology.
General knowledge of the structure, design and operation of
building electrical control systems is required. Must have
basic knowledge of emergency generator power control
systems and automatic transfer switches (ATS) Must be
familiar with applicable U.S. International and local
electrical building and safety codes. Must have basic
knowledge of MS 0111cc suite and be familiar with power
monitoring and building automation software. Must be
able to usc tools of thc trade in order to install, troubleshoot
and repair building electrical control automated systems
and all associated devices.
Interested applicants must visit our website
http://islamabad.usembassy.gov (click on Employment
Opportunity under the Key Embassy Link) for the detailed
position descriptions, salary packages and other
information. Please read the vacancy announcements
carefully and till the ÐS-l 74 (Application for Employment
form, which can be accessed from our website) and
submit the dully completed DS-174 form at
PakJobs@state.gov Please answer all the questions of
DS-174 form, incomplete application forms, general CVs
and late submissions will not be considered.
Deadline for submisiun of application ¡s August 9.2012.