UNICEF Requires Specialists (UN Jobs)

15-Jul-2012 (Sunday)  in  The News  
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  • Social Cohesion & Educational Specialist
  • Education Specialist
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UNICEF Requires Specialists (UN Jobs)
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If you are committed, creative and passionate about making a
lasting difference for children, the worlds leading children’s
rights organization, United Nations Children’s Fund
(UNICEF) would like to hear from you. It you believe you have
the right skill set, please apply on-line in full confidence. Women
with potential and passion to work with dynamism are
particularly encouraged to apply immediately. Haiti copies will
not be entertained. Please note that the below national
posftions do not carry any expectancy of assignment grant
for moving from one place to another
Title of the Position
Duty Station
Social Cohesion & Education Specialist
Education Specialist, FATA
Details of the above positions can be obtained from
jobs.un.org.pk Deadline for positions is 29 July 2012.
UNICEF is comKitted to Gender Eq.allty and Diversity.
Well qualified candidates, particularly
females are strongly encouraged to apply.
UNICEF is a smoke-free environment