International Islamic University (IIU) Requires Teaching Staff (Government Job)

15-Jul-2012 (Sunday)  in  The Nation  
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  • Professor in Islamic Law (Shariah)
  • Professor in Islamic Studies
  • Professor in English
  • Professor in Mathematics
  • Associate Professor in Shariah
  • Associate Professor in Law
  • Associate Professor in Management Sciences (Marketing/Technology Management)
  • Associate Professor in Tafseer and Quranic Sciences
  • Associate Professor in Psychology
  • Associate Professor in Seerat and Islamic History
  • Assistant Professor in Persian
  • Assistant Professor in Electronics Engineering
  • Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor in Law
  • Assistant Professor in Education
  • Assistant Professor in Sociology
  • Assistant Professor in Psychology
  • Assistant Professor in Media and Mass Communication
  • Assistant Professor in Economics
  • Senior Instrutor Civil (ICT)
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International Islamic University (IIU) Requires Teaching Staff (Government Job)
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International Islamic University, Islamabad
Applications ere invited (torn qualified persons (or
th tdlciwng academic vsibvns:
Ii. Protessor BPS-21TTS I
Shanah (Islamic Law) Speaabzation in Fiqh( Mel.)
• lslam.c Studies (Hadith) tUai.)
• Engåah (Female)
Mathematics iF,,.--,
1Associate Professor BPS•20TTS J
• Shanah (Male)
Law (Male)
• Management Sciences (MaretingiTechnology
Management) (Maie 6 Femal)
e Talsear 6 Ouranic Sc*snces (Male)
• Psychology (Female)
• Sasrah a Isiwiic history (Male)
13 Ait,nt ProtessOr BPS-19 TTS I
. Electrorwcs Engineering (Male & Female)
. Mechanical Engineersg (Male)
. Politics & IR (Male) (Specialized in Poleics Theory)
. Eoonomics (MaIe 8 Female]
• Seemh S IsIerncHistoty (Mate)
• Oawah 8 Islamic Culture (Male)
. Aqeedab & Philosophy (Male)
.Menagoment Sciences (Technology
Manageme (Male)
14. Lecti,rt,r 13P51l3 I
• Persian (Male)
e Electronics Engineemg (Male& Female)
• Mechanical Engineenng (Male)
e Law(Uale)
• Education (Male & Female)
. Sociology (MaIe & Female)
I Psychology (Male)
•MecSa & Mass Communication (Male & Female)
. EcO( Pics (Male)
Ls. senior instructor ciijg
. IIU reserves the ngh( to shoiSist the candidates
and to reject any/all applications without
assigning any reason,
ii For datais about ciaihcaIions expenence 8
applying procedas, please visit out weite
WWW iij.Odupk
N Last dale lot recagi & agplcons 8July31. 2012
in Personnel-V Section. International Islamic
Unwetsity, Adriwi Bodç New Campus Sector RI0
Muhammad Jamli
Deputy Director (Personnel)
051-9019793 & 9019219