An NGO Requires Emergency Preparadence Coordinator (EPC) (NGO. job)

08-Jul-2012 (Sunday)  in  The News  
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  • Emergency Preparadence Coordinator (EPC)
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An NGO Requires Emergency Preparadence Coordinator (EPC) (NGO. job)
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CARE International is a humanitarian organization working in 70
countries around the world. CARE’s vision is to seek a world of hope,
tolerance and social justice where poverty has been overcome and
people live in dignity and security. CARE International in Pakistan invites
applications from qualified candidates for the following position of
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC) for its Country office in
The Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC) is a leading role in
ensuring that CARE and its partners are able to respond to disasters in a
timely and appropriate manner. The EPC will manage the
implementation of CARE’s Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Risk
Reduction projects and coordinate the development of strategic
emergency partnerships.
Prerequ ¡sites:
. A Master degree or equivalent in Disaster Risk/Disaster Management
related discipline, development studies OR Social Sciences.
• Minimum of five years experience in DRR and/or Emergency
Preparedness project with international organization at senior level.
• Experience in working with implementing partners,
communities and capacity building.
The last date of applications is July 17, 2012. Interested applicants may
submit their CV5 online via
• Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview.
• Qualified Women are particularly encouraged to apply.
• CARE Intrenational in Pakistan offers competitive compensation
and benefit packages.
Disclaimer: CARE International in Pakistan reserves the right to reject
ny or all applications, and to make any changes to the job description
nd application procedure without notic