BUITEMS Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering & Management Sciences Requires Teaching Faculty (Govt. job)

08-Jul-2012 (Sunday)  in  Jang  
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  • Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer in Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Telecommunication Engingeering, Management Sciences, Economics, Biotechnology & Informatics, Microbiology, Plant Sciences & Informatics, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Mining Engineering, Environmental Management & Policy, Petroleum & Gas Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, English, Islamiyat, International Relations, Pakistan Studies, Statistics, Fine Arts, Mass Communication, Textile Engineering, Sociology, Microbiology
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BUITEMS Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering & Management Sciences Requires Teaching Faculty (Govt. job)
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Quality 8 Excellence in Education
(ISO 9001:2008 CertIfied)
Required Fields :-
Electronk Engineering, Compuler Science, Computer Engineerlng, Soitware Engineering,
Informal ion Technology, Tel ecommu n ¡cati on Engine e rin g. Ma nag enient Sciences.
Economics. Biotechnology & Irdormatics, Microbiology, Plant Sciences & Inforrnatlcs,
Chemical Engineedng, Textile Engineering. Mining EngIneednj, Geological Engineeilng,
Petroleum & Gas Engineering. Architecture, Civil Engineering. Environmental Management
& Policy, Mathematics. Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, English, Isla Inial, nlemational
Relaijons, Pakistan Studies, Statislics, Sociology, Fine Ads, Mass Communication
Required Fields:
Corn pute r Science, Information Technology. Telecommunication Engineering, Sbtscs
Civil Engineering, Fine Arts, Architecture, Management Sciences, Mathemacs
„ - ¿r•,1. 1,N’I!:’’ ‘
lu __ ‘
Required FIelds:
Eleçtrçniç Engineering, Ccrnputer Engineering. lnforrnaVon Technokxjy, Telecorprnunica5on Engineering, Chemical Eninees[ng.
Geological Engìneering, Mining Engineering. English, Islamiat, Fine Arts. Economics, ArcMecture. Software Engineering,
International Relations, Mass Communication, Textile Engineeñng, Petroleum & Gas Engineering. Cív Ennee;ing. Mathematics.
Required Fìelds:a
Electronic Engineering. Computer ScIence, Computer Engineering. Software
Enpineecing, Information Technology. Telecommunication Engineering, Management
Sciences, Economics, Biotechnology & Informatics. Microbiology,. Plant Sciences 8
Intormalics. Chemical Engineering, Textile Engin eerinQ. Mining Engineering. ‘
Geological Engineedrig, Petroleum & Gas EngIneering, Archilecture, Civil
Engineering. Envtronmental Management & Policy, Mathematics, Physics, Chernisiry.
Psychology. English, Isla rniat, mie matlonal Relations, Pakistan Studies, Statistics,
Socloloov. Fine Arts. Mass Cornmunicalion
How to apply
. Applications must be submitted on prescribed tmØoyment Fotm’evaUable ai university website : vwm.buitms.edu, pk I jobs
<. Applicacn ptocšsing feeof Rs. aOOi-(nonrefw’iðable}in shape ofdemand diaít dîavn in favour ofDirectr Finance BLIITEMS
Guetta, must be enclosed with the application or can be deposited through Bank challan ¡n HBL branch BUITEMS Talcatu
campus/City campus,
‘> Please aLla cit CV. three tecent photographs, toc aItdmi ci le certificate, attested photocopies of all the educational de9rees and
other tesùrnonials with the application.
<‘ Experience Certificates as per CV must be attached wIth tIte application.
•‘ Candidates ahead in service must apply through proper channel and are required to attach No Obíection
Certificate with applications.
‘ The university tese ives the right to withdraw any or ah of the abo%ie positions.
> The University reserves the right to reject any apicadon vdthout assigning any reasons.
« Canddates possessing Engineering degrees must produce their registration certificates from PEG.
‘;. Tewlntervíew vAil be held at BUITEMS Quena and No TA/DR would be adn-iissibe.
« Incomplete applicaons or applications without demand draft/challan and N.Q.C (in case cf applicants
already In seivice) shall not be accepted
‘ Only short listed candidates would be Invited ter Test/Interview.
e Last date for submission of applications is 31” July1 2012
tralochisian University of
esearth university with
seMces of dynamic ana
aducation research
Faculty App ointments
Fi . .jt5± rgi
irnormauon Technology, Engineering & Managemeni Sciences is a public sector
i enrollment of over 5700 students in various programs of studies RUITEMS seeks
innovative academicians for the foflowing taculty positions who contribute
‘ograms of the University
( Professor (BPS-21) ) (Associate Professor (BPS-20))
(Assistant Professor (BPS-19)
Qualification and necessary
experience behiting the Higher
Education Commission’s
eligibility criteria for
appointment to