Teaching Faculty Required at GIKI (Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology)

27-May-2012 (Sunday)  in  The News  
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  • Professor in Computer Science
  • Associate Professor in Computer Science
  • Assistant Professor in Computer Science
  • Research Associate in Computer Science
  • Professor in Electrical Engineering
  • Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering
  • Research Associate in Electrical Engineering
  • Professor in Material Sciences
  • Associate Professor in Material Sciences
  • Assistant Professor in Material Sciences
  • Research Associate in Material Sciences
  • Professor in Applied Physics
  • Associate Professor in Applied Physics
  • Assistant Professor in Applied Physics
  • Research Associate in Applied Physics
  • Professor in Mathematics
  • Associate Professor in Mathematics
  • Assistant Professor in Mathematics
  • Research Associate in Mathematics
  • Professor in Design (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Assocaite Professor in Design (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Assistant Professor in Design (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Research Associate in Design (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Professor in Manufacturing (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Associate Professor in Manufacturing (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Assistant Professor in Manufacturing (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Research Associate in Manufacturing (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Professor in Thermal Sciences
  • Associate Professor in Thermal Sciences
  • Assistant Professor in Thermal Sciences
  • Research Associate in Thermal Sciences
  • Professor in Industrial Engineering
  • Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering
  • Assistant Professor in Industrial Engineering
  • Research Associate in Industrial Engineering
  • Professor in Modeling & Simulation
  • Associate Professor in Modeling & Simulation
  • Assistant Professor in Modeling & Simulation
  • Research Associate in Modeling & Simulation
  • Professor in English Language
  • Associate Professor in English Language
  • Assistant Professor in English Language
  • Research Associate in English Language
  • Professor in Law
  • Associate Professor in Law
  • Assistant Professor in Law
  • Research Associate in Law
  • Professor in Socio
City / Location:
  • Jobs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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Teaching Faculty Required at GIKI (Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology)
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  • Teaching jobs
Join GIKI as:
Professor Associate Professor
Assistant Professor Research Associate
Positions are available in the following disciplines:
- Computer Science and Computer Engineering
- Electrical Engineering (Electronic and Power)
- Materials Science, Engineering and Nanotechnology
- Chemical Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering (Design, Manufacturing,
Thermal Sciences, Industrial Engineering)
- Engineering Sciences (Applied Physics, Mathematics,
Modeling & Simulation
- Management and Social Sciences (English Language,
Law, Sociology & Ethics, Communication Skills, Engineering
Economy, Engineering Management)
— GIKI offers attractive salary package and fringe benefits/facilities.
— Requisite qualifications and experience for each post are notified on GlKl
website: www.giki.edu.pk
— Applications should reach HR Department by 18 June, 2012.
Director (Human Resources)
GIK Institute, Topi-23640, Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Ph: 0938-27 1858 Ext: 2500 & 2442. Email dirhrdgiki.edu.pk