Consultant Required at Directorate of IT Labs Project (Govt. job)

27-May-2012 (Sunday)  in  The Nation  
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Consultant Required at Directorate of IT Labs Project (Govt. job)
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frçpations aie iwited ton, lie vidvrJad corei*aiit (domicied vi Piai.b) having ara es.
penance lo aulet Oie Dr.aorem, of It Labs Prcvct lar timely con’pli»i of si tanks Lee1g
the ugliest professional stills and .mc*ncy
N. of Position One
IIlty The mdmduel consiibnt sho 0e a reVed Gor.qmnierd Ofticer vi BS
I VIS bebe 65 years of age tIliv’ig M bait IS y’ws practical espenenca
r bodgelvig accoia’*rg and le emit audit vi PLqab GmanwienL He mull
ria.’e M least S yea’s expeabence as Internal Auditor my Department cf
Pisyib GO.’emmenL 14e mull have pracbcal esp.nance vi mestáiwig ac
ooiaits of any succeasfuly ccrnpleted dexetopment pro,ect cl any Gos
.mmerf DepailmIni pretemblr relalvig to IT to the sait. scale. as thu of
Il’ Labs Prct
Scope of Seratces • To assist the management In œwçitebcn of accoaMs cf the p.’qecI b-
tied ‘Proitifon of Çcn,p,jlers/ IT Ettiicabon n 4.256 Gorenvner’t Sec
ondetyf Higher Secondary Schools vi Punab
, to assail tIle management ai leconolialon of espenditure tigue with
the Nbonað Sarl j of PaÑetan. Treasury Olbcair. Labore and AG Put
ii. asaist tIt. rnanagement in preparation of PC4V of the Protect titled
?roslsbon cf Corrpijersj IT Education In 4,256 Government Second.
q biglait Seccaidary Schoob vi PtrjaW
et, Ta suait 51e management vi preparation cl çornçmmtc, of AudI Petas
y, To CWyOIA eSernit audi of the prefect & Influai, fientai list. report
vi hay odie, ielatad Isiti assigned by tIse AdditIonal Prefect Dasctorl
Deputy Dwac (F&A). rr Labe Project.
Duration Sis MOtqt. front lie Date Of Issue cl AcfXar.Ce.
Ag. Limit Shojid be vi Good Hesetty Comibon ail below 55 years age
litslrucflone • TORs of the assigrsnent can be acoessed from Pie o webade of
Dwectorale of IT Labs wew,pJrMi4labsadu pfr
Candiisa. *4to ar, leant payers wib good conumatlcabon stills may
send thelr rcaa.anes along auth copes of t.ulrnorsali and two riciN
paoiouphs not later than 11-06-2012 lo Prefect actorat., IT Labs
Prq.cI. I 5-Juttica Sander lqbl Peed. 0* Zafar ho Road. GubarIJV.
• 0nI, abort laced candde viti be oonled.
Dweclorale of Ii’ Lab. Protect reserve, itt. flgli to iefict any or al w
plcatiorin ai any stage ertfioul asagning any reon
rrn.r!Tn1 a.riwP
I tT Lab. Project. School Education Department
IS-Justice Sardar lqbal Road, Off ZafarAN Road. Gulberg.V. Lahor.
Ph: 042.35775789.90